Jan 23

Money and Flow in Your Business

What if you have the answer for money flow right is in front of your hose?

H – o – s – e.

Leaders have the unique balancing act of growing a business and managing resources such that funds flow as sales and costs accumulate to support growth or sometimes just to stay alive one more day. However, there are times leaders and entrepreneurs find that money flow has stopped. That is the situation a leader found himself in today when our coaching session started. Now, I have seen these blocks or disconnects before, and have personally experienced them. There are three things that are critical to opening that flow of money back up. 

First, is it an issue within the leader? This is a critical observation and one that is warranted to troubleshoot properly. If you had a block in your throat and could not breathe, you would focus on the system that enables breathing to be possible right? Perhaps the hemlock maneuver would dislodge a block in your throat. Or, perhaps you are underwater and need to rise up to the surface to get that next inhale. Needless to say, if your airway is blocked, you will not look outside of yourself to find another problem to solve. The problem is clear, you can’t breathe. A business without funds is much the same way. It needs those funds to flow in order for its life to continue. It is only natural to investigate if something is going on in the leaders before looking at other factors. 

What type of issues can show up within leaders? Fear, past negative money experiences, and unaccounted for stress are just three of many possibilities. It can be any combination of things, but restriction is the costly outcome and must be addressed. No matter the issue, two techniques always work to get the process unblocked in any given moment. Sustaining that may take a bit more work. However, let’s focus on these two techniques (steps) and unblock anything that may be in your way right now. 

Step one is acceptance at the possibility the issue is happening within you. Here are two ways you can begin resolving blocks around acceptance:

  1. Say the following declaration out loud: “I recognize it might be an issue that is inside of me. I am willing to take a look.” Yes, it is that simple. State that aloud and once is enough, though you might feel a need to repeat it again and again to reinforce this message. If that is the case, go for it.  
  2. Next, ask yourself a question: “Is it in my best interests to keep whatever is blocking money flow from my business or any part of my life?”  Then, breath, feel, and wait for an answer. If it is “no”, then declare, “I allow any blocks to money to release and change now. I allow flow of money to show up now.” However, if the answer to the best interests question is “yes”, then ask, “Is there anything I am to be aware of about this block?” and again, wait for an answer (while breathing consciously). 

Trust the answers that come. Being self-honest is important for the benefit of you, your business, and those counting on you. 

Step two is to feel the sensations you feel when you are in your optimal money flow state. Though amounts matter in people’s minds, they don’t matter energetically. If you were four and you received a crisp $5 bill from grandma and that meant the world to you, then that is your feeling. That tuned-in present state of appreciation is what you are going for here. Ready for the exercise? 

Write down five times in your life when you felt energized and appreciative of receiving money (client, gift, investor, friend, paycheck, inheritance, etc…). As you write these memories down, feel the emotions and all the sensations that go with that. Let yourself open up to whatever images, ideas, hopes, dreams, goals and more come with these emotions. Feel them fully. Be present with this experience. Enjoy it!

Next, with appreciation in your heart, write down the five times you recall enjoying giving. It could be buying a train ticket for a friend, or taking a colleague out to celebrate. It could be giving your loved one $100 to pay their phone bill. Whatever it is, it must be joyful giving. Think of making payroll, making distributions, buying out a partner, charitable giving, etc. Feel your feelings fully as you write those memories down. Remember to breathe while you do this!

You can always add more to the lists as you recall more or create new memories of receiving and giving. 

Upon completion of the two steps and coinciding exercises above, check in again. Ask, “Is there anything else in me restricting the flow of money in any way?”

The second thing critical to money flow: If you are like me, you might have some control issues over money. If that is you, perhaps let go of trying to make money and start trusting that the universe has your back. This evolution of money is like graduating from a grade school understanding of how money works to a mastery level. If you need some support with this one, reach out to me. 

The third thing critical to money flow is to check your surroundings. If you have explored what is happening within you around money and the blocks have cleared, money will start flowing in and out with greater ease. If you want to expand the love around money and increase flow organizationally, consider giving a gift to your team and loved ones: Share this with them (after you have done it yourself, naturally). 

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