Sep 05

The SOURCE of your power, your life force

The path to our best lives includes courageously letting go of power sources with limited capacity to actually fuel our lives. Using an example of the ridiculous, imagine a rose falling in love with a butterfly. One day the butterfly departs and the rose, longing to be with the butterfly,... read more →
Aug 18
Jun 13

How to Increase Sales Without Selling

I sat in the parking lot of Sara Lee’s headquarters after a failed sales call. I recall feeling empty, uncomfortable, and even fear of what might happen if I don’t get a sale. Our company, at the time, really needed a win. Payroll wasn’t quite at stake, but we were... read more →
Jun 08

Fine Tuning Access to KNOWING

When I was told to check out Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer’s book, Extraordinary Knowing, I had a feeling I would like it. What I didn’t expect was a scientific orientation to ESP, Intuition, and KNOWING. I had those types of experiences much of my life. I had learned to ignore the... read more →
May 24


There are times when I feel empty, as in there is nothing to do. There is nothing to say. There are no questions to ask. Despite seeking “emptiness” in meditation, this version is quite uncomfortable. What is it that I want in this emptiness? Something, anything to fill the space. ... read more →
May 17

Entrepreneurial Impact

Once in a while, you come across a company that thoroughly represents bringing the best to humanity. Through the lens of one organization, I want to lift up all entrepreneurs who are changing our world for the better.  Despite all the differences that may exist there are common elements that... read more →
May 11

Navigating transitions with grace and ease

The client I want to tell you about is a friend and colleague as well. Frank has been out of work. He has been seeking out his next step in life. He was hurting when I found him refusing to see what I see.  You see, when we drop all... read more →
Apr 27

Business and the Present System

The writing of a blog is interesting as it is a message I get to send out to the world about something important and timely. This is a timely message.  Did you know that business is a conduit through which people are able to express something unique and shine a... read more →
Mar 21

Who’s in there with you?

Within each of us is the optimal being that wishes to break through the masks we use to protect, define ourselves as we would like to be, create a perception to get our needs met or deny the perfection that lives within us. But, whether you are leading a company,... read more →
Mar 12

Leaders: When a 500% return on investment is too low

Spend $1 and get $5 to $8 back? I always knew executive coaching was helpful, but those returns sound ridiculous, right? But what if… what if those numbers are low? There are well-cited studies for executive coaching returns: ROI of $7.90 for every $1 spent on coaching1 ROI of almost... read more →