Feb 07

Embracing your Phoenix Rising (or Falling)

There are laws in the universe that inform us how to operate in flow with our best life. A wonderful story illustrating this is that of the phoenix. 

The mythology of the Phoenix rising is a doorway into the transformation we are called to embrace as we let go in life in order to allow the next, more evolved, stronger, wiser version of ourselves have life. 

Those resisting this transformation hold on to perceptions of themselves when the time for new perceptions are warranted. Being aware, like the Phoenix and supporting your transformation brings peace and ease with the change.  Striving to stay as you are (or were) will trap you and lead to hostility and resentment. 

If you are unfamiliar with the phoenix legend, the short of it is as follows: Only one of this huge symbolic bird existed at any one time. It was graceful and beautiful with red and golden feathers, sapphire eyes, and a crown (or disc of the Sun) adorning its head. The phoenix would live hundreds if not thousands of years. When the phoenix approached the end of its life, it built a special nest ready to burn quickly and filled with spices  and aromatic branches. The nest would catch fire and the bird was consumed in the flames, reduced to ashes. The re-born phoenix would then rise from the ashes greater, more powerful and more beautiful than its previous incarnation. 

Just as the phoenix lays down its life in order to live, we can see this in our human evolution. A child who lays down childish things as the milestone of adolescence is reached, has an opportunity to “rise from the ashes” of childhood with grace and ease. However, the child who resists growing up, will hang on to childish things and struggle into their next phase of their life. 

Less obvious, but just as pronounced, adults also have transformations. They can consciously “prepare their nest” and let the past burn away what no longer serves their “next life”. This supports their rising fully “from the ashes” with all the strengths, wisdom, power and beauty of what they had experienced previously coming into their new life.  Resisting this transformation, as many adults have created attachments they are unwilling to part with, always leads to challenges. The essence, or soul, of a person wants to move forward, but the mind and body hang tight to what was to be burned in the fire.  

The reason the phoenix is one of my favorite stories is from my own resistance to the fire in 2011. I held to a “story” I told myself about who I was. After building and selling a tech services company from 1998 to 2010, I couldn’t imagine life without being a CEO, leader, and entrepreneur. I couldn’t imagine life without my co-horts in the office and customers I grew to love and call friend.

It was a classic case of how NOT to transition.

I held on as the fire was meant to consume me. I tried to hide and run and prevent the flames from catching up to me. It didn’t change the outcome. Eventually the fire caught up and I realized how awesome of a change it was. I am happier, more hopeful, more confident, and have a future I can see now. The end of my previous life had arrived. The transition could have been smoother.

As you can see this story has personal meaning for me as it may you. Perhaps you are preparing your nest. Perhaps you are resisting the flames. Perhaps you have just come up from the ashes. Whatever state you find yourself in, embrace yourself and love where you are. It is your life, your time, your opportunity to say yes to whoever you are right now. 

The story of the phoenix shows us how the laws of the universe work on our behalf. As we can see in this story, the phoenix could have resisted the death process and seen itself as a victim to the natural flow of life. Instead, the phoenix showed an example of living with this flow, and embracing its journey into an end and unknown future. Embracing the laws of the universe and abiding with them is just one of ten elements well-being critical to living your best life.

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Enjoy and may the stage of life you are in be lived optimally!!!