Optimal Being® for Business: Program Overview

Activate your brilliance
as an Optimal Leader!

In The Optimal Being program, you will learn principles and tools supporting you and your business living and performing optimally. It is designed specifically for you to use both personally and professionally.   

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17 outcomes from practicing
and living the program principles


Mental Clarity

Emotional Willingness and Intelligence

In tune with what is optimal now by living in the present moment

Live in alignment with who you truly are


Vitality Increases

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)

Clear & loving thoughts, words and actions towards self and others



Honesty with self and others

Minimized stress and optimized performance across all areas of life


Consistent Follow-Through

Freedom from fear and hostility

Healthier personal and business relationships


The benefits I have received through the Optimal Being Program have been endless. My positive experience is continuing forward as I lead operations in my business. Inherent in my job is a lot of physical and mental stress. Through using the principles and tools learned through the Optimal Being Program, the stress is almost not felt anymore. The tension was lifted from me, and also from my employees. The program really assisted me in identifying core issues and overcoming those challenges. I recommend companies use this and benefit their employees, culture, and performance.- Erik Weber, Operations
This program helped me have insights into what I really needed to work on and then I was able to take rapid action on those areas. Some of the things that have happened in the business world for me have been exponentially more exciting... I have to give a lot of credit to this program. It has helped me become more aware of myself and how I look and interact with others. Thank you!!!- Jim McGough, Co-founder and Director of EdgeOne Medical.
Live as your Optimal Being Now!