Imagine a book about you, your company, your team, your vision, your future … shared in the present.

Our visionary fiction product will bring to life your organization’s future in a very real and present way. This engages readers (employees, potential employees, investors, customers, partners) in a powerful experience of your vision realized today. The book brings your future company to life in the minds and hearts of all who care about its success. Imagine handing your book to a potential employee and saying, “we like you, but before you choose to work here, read this….see if this is a company you want to help create”.

The employees of today want to be part of something. Let them be fully part of it. Let them be immersed in your vision. Those who are will be able to contribute to it, expand upon the vision and implement much more effectively. First, help people get what they want and you will always get what you want. If you want your optimal company, you will love this process and the outcome.

An example of how we use this ourselves is in print today. See our visionary fiction story as it came to life. It is called Awakening the Optimal Leader.

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Let’s co-create something that will be transformational and bring alignment quickly while insuring it over time.!!!

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If you want your company to reach its potential, read this book and ask Rookha Group to build one custom for you...- Keith Leon, Multiple bestselling author and book publisher
Every entrepreneur and leader will benefit from this book. In a masterful way, Mark has illustrated the next level of visioning and how to accelerate its realization.- Raman Chadha, Creator and co-founder, The Junto Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership
If you want to be an optimal leader, read this book! Love. Cooperation. Leadership. Vision. Engagement! Excellent!- September Dorhmann, President and CEO, CEO Space International
Live as your Optimal Being Now!