Work with Mentors who can help you and your teams get to the next level.

The results of our mentoring services have been touted as “exceptional”. Mentors work with you individually and/or with your teams. Used in conjunction with the Optimal Being® program, mentoring accelerates the realization and integration of the program benefits.

What makes this mentoring so impactful?

  • The tools our Mentors use are practiced by many thousands of people. The outcomes are consistent and repeatable.
  • The Mentors have honed their skills over many thousands of hours training, practicing, and mentoring. The results are remarkable.
  • Each Mentor is trained well beyond the core curriculum and will bring those tools to you when appropriate.
  • Your Mentor’s primary responsibility is to consistently see the highest and best in you, which supports you experiencing that in yourself consistently.
  • Your gifts and talents will grow, and some new ones may come to life, as you work with an effective Mentor.
  • You may discuss any topic with your Mentor: relationships, work, money, faith, addictions, struggles, successes, opportunities, etc.
  • You can expect the unexpected to be awesome. As you progress with your Optimal Being® work, you too will witness many miracles. They become a regular occurrence in all areas of life, and for some become as natural as breathing.

Options to engage with an Optimal Being® Mentor Via the Optimal Being® Program

  • Via the Optimal Being® program – Select the number of sessions you would like during the Optimal Being® program sign-up.  We recommend 2 to 3 if possible for the greatest value to you. 
  • Single sessions may be purchased
  • 3 month, 6 month, and annual packages

* Weekly and Twice monthly options are available.

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My work with Mark has had a profound effect on all aspects of my life; especially impacting my leadership.- Jerry Weber, PhD, President, Bellevue College
I speak internationally and have met and worked with top Executive Coaches and Mentors around the world. Mark is the best. He has been able to take Executive Mentoring to a whole new level. I highly recommend hiring Mark- Dave Austin, Mental Performance Coach and Internationally Best Selling Author
Mark carries the highest endorsement by the #1 ranked Business Conference in the World, which called him a “Teacher of the Masters who is bringing in new truth and frequency right when human awareness can embrace its urgent upgrading- Berny Dorhman, Chairman, CEO Space International
I felt it was a great gift to have Rex and Mark for the sessions. Their styles compliment each other, which makes what they do so effective!- Denise
They were awesome! I think it was arguably the single most valuable part of the collaborative section of the Optimal Being course.- Tim
Rex and I are business partners and we have also co-mentored hundreds of times, plus he mentors me. He is a masterful mentor consistently supporting extraordinary results. His ability to lead someone from where they are to where they want to go is amongst the best I have ever seen.- Mark Hattas, entrepreneur, author, speaker, executive mentor

Note: Optimal Being Executive Mentoring is synonymous with Rookha Group

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