10 Steps

Your Optimal Life
Awaits You.

The happiest, most engaged, and optimally performing people have a number of things in common.

Get the same 10 Step Process thought-leaders use to be ultra-effective

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The Optimal Being® Program is a Launch Pad Toward Personal Growth.

Enhanced Intuitive Guidance

Activate and trust your intuitive guidance system to consistently serve you in reaching your highest and best outcomes.

A Healthy Personal Code

Required for a healthy body and mind, and optimal perceptions, decisions and behavior. Know what yours is and how to adjust it. Based on 50+ years of success.  

Living your Optimal Life

Your optimal life will come as you practice the principles of the Optimal Being® program.  What does that look like?

Real People, Real Results

“I feel like I have the tools to be happy for the duration of my life.”

– Wade

17 outcomes from practicing and living the program principles

Flow & Intuition Accessible

Healthy Relationships

Enhanced Emotional (EQ) & Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)

Greater Honor for Life (self and others)

Lower Anxiety and Stress

Freedom from Fear and Hostility

Aligned with Your True / Best Self

Increased Vitality and Optimal Action

Get the same 10 Step Process thought-leaders use to be ultra-effective


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