Dr. Michael (and Jeanie) Ryce
World renowned lecturer & teacher on health and healing

Special thanks to Dr. Michael Ryce and Jeanie for their contributions and expertise in the development of the concepts and principles for optimal living that are foundational to the Optimal Being program. Dr. Ryce has reached tens of thousands for over 45 years using his extraordinary, comprehensive body of work. There are many miraculous and amazing stories of success with this work, as people discover their purpose in life and live courageously in it.

Dr. Ryce’s vision is, “To make this powerful work available to every mind, heart, and Being on the planet”. With his blessing and support, we created this program while maintaining the integrity of the core work.

Dr. Ryce has doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine and Holistic Philosophy, and is the founder and director of HeartLand, a self-healing center in the Ozark mountains. Dr. Ryce holds regular training and intensives at various locations worldwide, including Heartland. You can learn more about Dr. Ryce’s work including his books and videos at and by tuning into his daily blog talk radio show (

© Portions of this material (in program, tools, playbook, app) are the sole copyright of Michael J Ryce and his works.

Chase Austin
Founder, Third Reef Creative

Chase Austin continues to be instrumental to the success of Rookha Group. Chase’s excellence in leadership in producing, filming and editing the Optimal Being program, with support from Shane Austin, have led to a world class program. Chase brings experience in marketing digital programs, videography, editing, and platform integration coupled with exceptional creativity. We were in the hands of a true professional throughout the process. Beyond creative, Chase has proven to be masterful at identifying technology solutions and implementation. Thank you Chase and Shane Austin for your amazing contributions!!!

Explore more about Chase and his organization at

Dr. Timothy Hayes, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Tim met with Mark, Breaha, and Rex every week for two years prior to forming Rookha Group. He was instrumental in the formation of the ideas and concepts that eventually were incorporated into Rookha Group. Because of Dr Tim’s exceptional experience and expertise, it is truly a blessing to have him as a part of our team. In addition to his counsel on Rookha Group, he is also a Board member of Hattas Shay International Foundation, creating initiatives like for optimal living and health. Dr. Tim has a daily radio show at 11am on blog talk radio as well.

Dr. Tim s a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Crystal Lake, Illinois. With over thirty years of successful experience doing therapy with individuals and families, Dr. Hayes integrates mind/body energy techniques into a client-friendly model. This model is based on the observation that people possess within themselves all the resources necessary to deal effectively with a wide variety of problems and challenges they may be facing. Find out more at

Meridian Point Manor
Retreat and Training Center

Special thanks to Meridian Point Manor, LLC, which donated their luxurious retreat facility in Utah for filming.  Dave and Cathy Austin along with Mark Hattas and Susan Mercer have created a breathtaking space that can be seen throughout the Optimal Being program, and in this video (from Journey’s Dream masquerade party / fundraiser) and at the Meridian Point Manor website.