Mar 21

Who’s in there with you?

Within each of us is the optimal being that wishes to break through the masks we use to protect, define ourselves as we would like to be, create a perception to get our needs met or deny the perfection that lives within us. But, whether you are leading a company, a department, a family, or your own life, there is a lesson to learn in unwinding the parts that keep your masks intact. That is the point of sharing the following true story. It illustrates how your optimal being will find a way to heal any distortions and restore your optimal being to be in charge of life rather than your brain trying to figure out your path. When the optimal being is alive and active more fully in you, your life, business, career, etc., will take off to heights you might have only thought possible for other people. 

Your optimal being nature is available 24/7 if the masks are out of the way.

It was the fall of 2015. My son, Henry, asked if I would share a story with him. He was nine years old and asked one night, “Dad, will you tuck me in?” I said, “Of course,” and went in to lay next to him in his twin bed. Henry took his two fingers out of his mouth and said, “Dad, will you tell me a story?” I thought about that for a second and answered yes without knowing which story to tell him. Like you, I have many stories: Starting and growing a tech company, how I met his mother and the miraculous healing of his older brother’s eardrum. But that day, I made up a story about a frog. The story was ok. Not great, but good enough for Henry to invite me back. Each night he would ask me to tuck him in, and if awake sufficiently to listen, he asked for a story. 

Then something strange happened. One night, I lay down in his bed like before. But, when he asked for a story, my mind was blank. I racked my brain to figure it out. Nothing came. Until I heard a voice in my head, a male voice that was peaceful and patient. It said clearly, “Mark, don’t tell him a story. Allow a story to come”. You may think I was nuts at this point, and I admit I wasn’t so sure myself. However, I had studied it enough to understand that this might be my optimal being breaking through all barriers to teach me something. So, I went for it and surrendered (let go of resistance). 

The next thing that happened felt odd to me, but over time would become super normal. That optimal being nature came bursting forth and told the story. It wasn’t a story I had ever heard, nor one I had to “make up” as I had previously done. This story came through me from a source much wiser than I was used to. It was interesting, the characters met uniquely, and it was cute and fun. I was having fun. Though extraordinary to me, I wanted to know if Henry agreed. So, upon its completion, I asked, “What did you think of that story?” He took his fingers out of his mouth again and gave me a thumbs-up. “That was really good, Dad.” I felt a sense of appreciation, wonder, and awe. This voice just made me look outstanding in front of my son. But then, he added even more, “It’s just going to get better, Dad. I know you are just learning.”

He knew.

His words went well beyond his everyday communication style. “From the mouth of babes,” as they say. He knew something was different. He knew to invite me to tell him a story, and he knew something had changed. He was right. It did get better. Over the weeks, I recorded each of 16 stories. Then one day, as if on cue, Henry stopped asking. By that time, I was hungry to use this newfound gift. I wanted that optimal being nature to always show up, not just at storytime. 

Those opportunities arose, and over time, my masks were dismantled, and I showed up as my optimal being more and more. It showed up during client coaching calls, as I wrote books, and during meditation and prayer. As it integrated and I realized that is who I am, I felt alive, purposeful, and happy. 

You have experienced your optimal being. We all have. It is the best of us in alignment with our highest and best interests from pure love. When we show up as our optimal being, we are intuitive, connected, and on fire with life. 

So, if you have ever had that inner voice break through to provide wisdom to you or were inspired to actions that mysteriously worked out in your favor, you can thank your optimal being and send it a message that you want more of that. Let your optimal being show up today. 

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