Jun 08

Fine Tuning Access to KNOWING

When I was told to check out Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer’s book, Extraordinary Knowing, I had a feeling I would like it. What I didn’t expect was a scientific orientation to ESP, Intuition, and KNOWING. I had those types of experiences much of my life. I had learned to ignore the insights as they usually conflicted with “facts” other people knew. Elizabeth has brought woo-woo type of knowing into a new perspective. What was once taboo has now become ordinary, but extraordinarily so. 

Over the years, I have fine-tuned access to this knowing, though I am still learning every day. I thought this topic would be interesting for others, including those who already value the awarenesses that come from this seemingly infinite intelligence source. 

Let’s begin with a story. As an adult, I was thinking about my Uncle Rick one day. Though I hadn’t seen him in some time, growing up he had taken me to a Chicago Cubs baseball game, baseball card shows, and even a soccer game at Wrigley Field. Appreciation for Rick’s generosity grew as my memories resurfaced. I thought I’m going to thank him the next time I see him. What a cool uncle! 


That Friday, I awoke ready to work.

        What do I want to do today? I asked before getting out of bed.

        Go for a bike ride, came the inner response.

Honoring the thought, I hopped on my bike. Halfway through the ride, I turned a corner by a neighborhood park. The street was lined with houses on either side. A garage sale on the right caught my attention. Again, my Uncle Rick came to mind. He had numerous collections (model cars, cards, etc…) and touring garage sales was something he’d been known to do. I smiled as the thought crossed my mind and my inner voice said, stop as I was about to pass.

As if by an invisible pull toward the garage sale, I biked slowly halfway up the drive and dismounted.

After approaching the tables with no intention of shopping, I wondered why I was there. 

        My inner voice told me to look to my left. His back was to me. There was an older guy with shoulder-length full grey hair.  That looks just like… Oh my gosh, it is. “Rick?” I called out.

        He turned around.  “Mark!  What are you doing here? You live close to here?”

        “Yeah, I’m a mile that way. What are you doing here?”

        “Oh, I’m on my way into work, and just stopping to see if there was anything worth picking up.”

        We spent ten minutes catching up on life, and I used the opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for him taking the time to care for me and bring me to those ballgames and card shows when I was young.

        “I was just talking about that the other day,” he shared. “We sat in the center field bleachers, and I remember telling you how that would probably be the only time in your life that you would see a soccer game from that vantage point. Those were great seats.” He enjoyed reliving that moment.

Because of that meeting we rekindled our relationship, frequently meeting to play racquetball.

You might think this is all happened by chance. You might think I have some special skills unique to me. You might think I made up the story. And some of you have had many experiences just like this. 

Let me show you how I did it. Let’s explore how we all can be in the flow with infinite intelligence. First, in a fully restored state, we all know everything. Nothing is hidden in this state. The access to this comes from within. Where we place our attention influences what we receive. 

This state is refined by letting go of all judgments, practicing true forgiveness, and activating an internal GPS system that leads us to our purposeful and optimal life. This state requires feeling our emotions fully, creating a healthy body, and allowing our heart to lead and our mind to serve. It necessitates a rebuilding of trust with the one person we betrayed the most, ourselves. The process of unlearning anything in the way of this optimal being state being realized is a part of it too. 

Those who do this feel fulfilled, happy (in general), and hopeful about their future. They use all their senses, not just the five that are taught in school. They are willing to see things as they are and not as they thought they were. They are naturally generous and curious. Their gifts and talents may appear as superpowers at times, but they know everyone has these latent superpowers, unique to each person and their situation. 

We call this living as your Optimal Being and we support people in connecting with their optimal being nature and living in it consistently. You don’t need us in order to come into contact with your optimal being. Find your path. And if it is with us, we would love to connect. 

Imagine you, your friends, family, and cohorts connecting with and living as optimal beings. Here are just a few things I have seen as leaders, parents, families and more live as optimal beings:

  • Healing past wounds in their body, mind, and soul
  • Innovating / Creating faster than ever before
  • Restoration of awe and appreciation for life, people, and all things living
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Peace of Mind

The list can go on and on, but I will stop there. You might like to try this out in a coaching session, or hear a motivational talk at your company (along with our latest book, Awakening Your Optimal Workforce), or take one of our courses. Before deciding though, let’s connect. Schedule a no-obligation zoom call at optimalbeing.live/connect. We look forward to meeting you.