May 24


There are times when I feel empty, as in there is nothing to do. There is nothing to say. There are no questions to ask. Despite seeking “emptiness” in meditation, this version is quite uncomfortable. What is it that I want in this emptiness? Something, anything to fill the space. 


I feel as if I should be doing something, that there is something that could be obvious, yet there is nothing, just emptiness. No thought comes. Sure I could come up with things to put my attention on. But you know the difference between having something to do and coming up with something just to fill the void. Perhaps the void is not to be filled? Sadness comes up the longer the void sticks around. 

Where did the sadness come from? Am I tuning into my past? Or, could this be some extrasensory perception of a loved one struggling at this moment? Is it unprocessed emotion from a distant memory surfacing in my body? 

I turn my attention to my anthropomorphic sadness and ask, “What are you and why have you come?” The answer arises: I’m showing you areas that need your attention. I have a message, and it is private. I receive the message and find an opportunity to help a loved one who has been troubled. I felt a wave of emotion and then clarity. I had been dealing with this for days and thought it was something about me. I thought something was wrong with me. 

However, it was apparently about someone else. I couldn’t shake it, the empty feeling, and even gave up coffee for the past few days to clean out my system and support healing whatever was going on. Today, I kept getting a nudge to be still and listen to what the emotion had to say.

Now it feels clear. I ask internally if there is anything more, and the answer comes back “no”. Within minutes I received a text from the loved one and peace washed over me.

Sometimes we are brought into a person’s life in order to support them in a moment or more. I was aware of this person struggling and had been ignoring it. I wanted my normal state of aliveness to be back to “normal”. However, the issue needed attention for both of us to find peace. Have you ever had a sensation about someone in your life and either ignored it or perhaps you took the right action supporting them?

Many of us have had those moments, and it seems they are increasing. There are times when we are called to step up in support of our fellow human beings even when it might be strange or inconvenient or hard. Sometimes you are the only one who has the right presence to show up just as they need at just the moment they need it. Trust your intuitive guidance system. Our love for each other is enough at times. If you feel called to engage with a person, even someone you have lost touch with, you might be receiving a proverbial “bat signal” right when it is needed most. 

The world has thrown a lot at people over the past several years. If you have the capacity to be a pillar of love amongst sand castles of chaos, you will be called, and I hope you answer. Collectively, we can step into the emptiness with courage and hear these calls. 

Activating your innate guidance system will not only tune you to these “bat signals”, but will bring you to your optimal being state and allow for your best to come forth. Learn how to do this effortlessly and impact your life incredibly at home, work, and all areas.

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