Sep 05

The SOURCE of your power, your life force

The path to our best lives includes courageously letting go of power sources with limited capacity to actually fuel our lives.

Using an example of the ridiculous, imagine a rose falling in love with a butterfly. One day the butterfly departs and the rose, longing to be with the butterfly, uproots itself and follows. The rose made the butterfly its source of life, and took its eyes off its true source of life, the healthy soil in which its sustained life was possible. I first heard this story from a teacher of ancient principles, Michael Ryce, and it reminds me of how distracted we can become in this world. In our distraction, we can “plug into” people, places, ideas, and more that present the promise of something we need being fulfilled:

  • A job or career that appears fulfilling at first will lose its luster if we expected it to be more than it was capable of being. 
  • Money can appear to solve so many issues until we have it and then we see that it only solved some of our needs, but not all. In fact, additional issues / lessons emerge.

Never has a person fulfilled another person, though many have “plugged in” to another as their source of life (at least for a bit). That never ends well.

A great question to ask yourself, “What have I “plugged into?
Food? Social Media? A TV Series? Sports? My children or spouse? Politics? Sex? Drugs? Music? myself?”

We always feel let down when the drug wears off, right? What do you do when Game of Thrones (or your favorite show) comes to an end? How do you feel after the big game is over? Unless you feel fulfilled upfront, chances are you will feel empty at those conclusions.

When we connect with our true source of life, we will no longer depend on anything external in the world to fulfill us. We will still be here, and will still enjoy and participate in life, but our dependence on the game will no longer exist. The show will be in its proper place. The food will be in service to our nourishment of healthy cells, etc. 

We all have done this process unconsciously, and we all can change it, but it must be done consciously. When we discover our true source of life and stop placing false hopes on energy sources that have no capacity to sustain our well-being, we will feel fulfilled and in love with life! 

Imagine being a business leader with the motto, “WWSJD?”, What Would Steve Jobs Do? It’s one thing to be inspired by some of Steve Jobs’ accolades, and even his famous ‘85 quote of “…make a little dent in the universe”. But, eventually, if Steve Jobs (or what we perceive of him), has become our fuel source, it will fall short of what is needed for our life. Realizing this is a false source, our paths will divert from Steve because the only one who could ever live Steve Jobs’ life is Steve Jobs, just as you are the only one who can live your life.

So, in this blog, we invite you to do an inventory of where you have “plugged in” to worldly sources of power for your source of life. This exercise is simply to bring to your awareness what is true now. Before unplugging anything, we will discuss the true source of power that is available and in infinite supply for you. But for now, let’s identify where you are plugged in. 

Complete these prompts for yourself: 

  1. I don’t know what I would do if _______________(fill in name) left my life. 
  2. I must have  ________________ (fill in blank) when I get home from work.
  3. My greatest fear is  ________________________________________.
  4. If I lost ______________________(fill in blank) my life would be a mess.
  5. I don’t think I could live without ______________________(fill in blank).

Now, consider my examples below for inspiration, and add your own….




Here are things that I was plugged into before finding the true source of life within me: 

  • My job and the pedestal I placed myself on (telling me I was good enough)
  • Being normal and not the goofy idiot I sometimes perceived myself as
  • Admiration from others for being smart and capable
  • Pursuit of wealth to overcome my own insecurities by gaining wealth
  • Marriage – after early friendship rejections, it was comforting to know someone could love me
  • Anxiousness stemmed from holding onto the past out of fear of an unknown future
  • Counselor – for fear of going off the rails if they were not in my life
  • Carbs and sugar – my go to whenever I was feeling overwhelmed

The key to this exercise is to be honest with yourself. What are the most honest answers you can give yourself about worldly things you plug into as sources of life, power, energy, etc.?

Is your list complete? If so, let’s keep going.  

Now, there are certainly things that serve us in the world. For example, the foods we give our body. Do your choices give you energy or reduce your energy? I know I function better with more nutritious and alive foods. I could snack on carrots and cucumbers in the afternoon, or I could snack on chips and soda. Compare and contrast. Which foods give you more energy to remain sharp throughout your day? If you made a food your source, you won’t be able to give it up easily. 

Coffee was a source for me. Once I discovered this, I gave it up for six months. After the third or fourth time of giving up coffee over the years, my NEED for it disappeared. I enjoy coffee still, but it no longer has to be in my life. This is an example of changing a habit. I’m not saying you have to do what I did. However, I am saying it would serve you to disconnect from anything artificially being used as your source for your benefit, and the benefit of the people you may be pulling life force from. 

If you have done this with anyone in your life, the resolution is simple:

“I cancel any ideas that ______________(name), as I have defined (pronoun), will ever be a source of lasting power in my life. I release this connection now.” Now, breathe and feel any sensations that may be exiting your system. 

Perhaps you wanted to be like mom, dad, a sibling, teacher, friend, co-worker or boss. You can receive encouragement, support and even inspiration from them, but when you make them your source of encouragement, power, strength, or whatever, you do yourself a disservice, it’s best to just let your attachment to them go!

Why do this? For the same reason the rose needed to let go of the butterfly.

The people and things you listed above can never fulfill the role of a sustainable life force for you. They will always fall short, just as you would fall short being the source of life for anyone else. Equally, you can’t sustain BEING a life force for others. You will eventually feel drained and need to cut off that relationship. 

The only true life force is infinite and you have the potential to access it consciously. Conscious access to it will change your life, and over time the obstacles to your best life being lived will be eliminated. How to access it consciously is taught in many walks of life. If you want to know how I accessed it, you can call or watch the following video.

Now, like me, if you have given someone power over a part of your life, you have betrayed yourself. And, if we have betrayed ourselves without coming to peace with it, the world will reflect this and likely show up in our lives in the form of betrayal. This reflects what you may have heard from spiritual teachers, “Nothing is outside of yourself”. If you blame or project on the world your “betrayal issue”,  you will continue to attract it until you change the pattern that originates inside of you. How do you change it? 

This is the fun part. I was uncomfortable looking within myself at first. I was afraid of what I might find. What if I were an a**hole when I peeled through the layers of denial trying to get something from this world? I had to be willing to see whatever was there. I didn’t like all of it. It didn’t all feel good to bring to my awareness. However, it continues to be worth the journey. It can be delightful at times. For example, I like myself today. I didn’t always like myself. I am confident if you go on this trek you will learn to like yourself too. 

The best part of all this is you will reconnect with your authentic self and have access to infinite intelligence beyond your wildest imagination.

And, everyone who goes deep enough within themselves will find a light that reveals what is optimal for their life. An innate guidance system becomes active and will lead you to your best life, unwinding your errors, issues, and everything that keeps you from being your best/optimal self.

Like me, as the judgments fall and the healing happens, you will experience awe in your life again.

Whether you are in a healthy place and want to reach for the stars or find yourself in a dark place and want to breathe another breath, this process of dropping false sources of life force is essential to living a fulfilled life.

Reach out and connect further on this.

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