Activate your brilliance
as an Optimal Leader!

In The Optimal Being program, you will learn how to achieve maximum performance while minimizing stress.  It is designed specifically for those who accept the challenges and responsibilities of leadership and are guided by a results-oriented mindset.   

Next programs begin the weeks of 4/22/19, 8/19/19, and 1/06/20


Program Benefits

Inspire mutual trust and support from fully engaged teams.

Access your intuitive guidance to support you in maximizing performance and achieve desired results

Remain calm under pressure and access solutions to any challenges.

Apply core principles that will strengthen your ability to lead courageously from inspiration, certainty and a place of authenticity.

Reestablish enthusiasm and excitement.

Consistently make optimal choices/decisions that produce ideal outcomes.

Program Components

Rookha Foundation Training

Enjoy 11 weekly, self-study lessons (approx. 60-min. or less each) completed individually, at your convenience. These lessons include reading plus practice exercises where you learn core foundational concepts, principles, and skills that prepare you to go deeper in your journey to personal growth.

Rookha Mentoring

This is the perfect conduit to get exactly the individual feedback and support you need to accelerate your progress in all areas.

Rookha Application Training

Small group, two hours, highly interactive, online training events are held weekly. They will reinforce learning from the Rookha Foundation Training. This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your skills under the guidance of our instructors as well as the intuitive wisdom and insights of fellow participants.


Growth is indeed a science. Our Personal Code Evaluation is used as an objective, baseline that you can leverage to truly measure your individual growth.

Live as your Optimal Being Now!