Rex Montague-Bauer – Co-founder, Director of Product & Program Development, and Executive Mentor

Rex brings to the Rookha Group 16 years of experience in sales, marketing and executive management. Realizing that true fulfillment comes from following one’s innate wisdom and internal guidance, he left his corporate position to pursue his dream of supporting himself and others in true transformation. Hundreds have benefited from Rex’s guidance and support as a facilitator, mentor and directional advisor.

After devoting the past 33 years to mastering a unique set of tools, he led the design and development of the Optimal Being Program and serves as the lead instructor.  Rex uses his vast experience and abilities to identify strengths as well as specific areas of challenge for individuals and organizations. This empowers them to accomplish their goals effectively and efficiently.  He inspires a sense of clarity and confidence that supports fulfilment of an organization’s vision for, and manifestation of, an Awakened Organization.

Testing the power and efficacy of the Optimal Being tools in a highly dysfunctional environment, Rex volunteered to teach inmates at the Michigan Reformatory Correctional Institution to rehabilitate themselves.  Over the course of an 18-month program, a society that once operated from fear and hostility transformed to one exhibiting a deeper level of personal responsibility, cooperation and compassion for themselves and others.

When his son Journey Shay was diagnosed with a mental illness and died 4 years later, he was motivated with renewed passion to uplift and support anyone struggling with mental health challenges. This life changing, personal experience inspired Rex to co-found Hattas Shay International and Journey’s Dream.  

Rex’s heartfelt desire is that all people achieve and sustain optimal health, joy and well-being.

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  • Extreme Focus Certified Coach, The Extreme Focus program has been used by Navy Seals, Army Rangers, professional athletes and corporate executives worldwide (2017)
  • Certified teacher in over 10 programs developed and offered by Dr Michael Ryce including, “Laws of Living”, “Why is this Happening to Me…Again?!”,  Personal Code Assessment and more.