Mark believes all people can live as their Optimal Being and leaders who do this set themselves up as Optimal Leaders, which leads to accelerating an organization’s success.  

His latest book, Awakening the Optimal Leader, illustrates this and the principles and practices taught in Rookha Group’s Optimal Being program support people living it.  

Mark applies his gifts as a leader, Optimal Being Mentor, and visionary storyteller to create a compelling, engaging experience of a leader’s vision for their organization. This inspires a powerful desire within the organization.  Once that exists, he and his team go to the far reaches of that vision to outline an optimal path toward its full realization, which results in an Awakened Organization.

Additionally, inspired by his personal transformation, Mark co-founded Journey’s Dream (, a support hub for people facing mental health challenges worldwide; illuminating paths to hope and well-being.  He is an international best-selling author in Journeys to Success: Health, Wellness, and Fitness Edition, and has significantly contributed to the Boards of i.c. stars and Charles Tillman’s Cornerstone Foundation.

Prior to Rookha Group and Journey’s Dream, Mark started, built and sold a $20M (revenue) tech firm over a 12 year period.  Mark was trained by GE’s exceptional technical leadership program following getting an engineering degree at Marquette University.

Mark is sharing the adventure of life with his wonderful wife, Liz and their five amazing children.  He is grateful, loving, and blessed.


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  • Extreme Focus Certified Coach, The Extreme Focus program has been used by Navy Seals, Army Rangers, professional athletes and corporate executives worldwide (2017)
  • Certified teacher in Dr Michael Ryce programs including, “Why is this Happening to Me…Again?!”,  Personal Code Assessment and more.