Mark Hattas builds leaders from the inside out.
He is fast, effective and heralded as one of the
top coaches in the world by clients.


Expect the following when working with Mark:

  • Be at your BEST
  • On your “GAME”
  • In FLOW
  • Intuition on, active and expanding
  • Courageous
  • Present
  • It’s Like activating the inner GPS to your optimal everything

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Mark is a co-creator of the Optimal Being program.

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    • Extreme Focus Certified Coach, The Extreme Focus program has been used by Navy Seals, Army Rangers, professional athletes and corporate executives worldwide (2017)
    • Certified teacher in Dr Michael Ryce programs including, “Why is this Happening to Me…Again?!”,  Personal Code Assessment and more.
    • Certified Optimal Being Mentor and Facilitator