Angie is the mother of two amazing people and two canine fur babies. As a Medical Assistant at her local, small town hospital in Charlotte, MI, she has enjoyed engaging with and supporting her community for ten years. As a part time retail associate at Health Simplified in Olivet, MI, Angie enjoys learning more about naturopathy, and sharing her gifts as an Optimal Being and Certified Teacher of Ancient Aramaic Forgiveness.

Following a decade long descent into despair and chronic illness, Angie found herself faced with frightening mental health challenges. These challenges proved to be the opportunity Angie needed to initiate true and lasting change in her life. She has been deeply committed to her own healing work since 2014 and is excited to support others as they embark on their journey to Wellness with the Optimal Being Program.

Angie is also a Reiki Master and has studied hypnotherapy and reflexology. She is certified as a Still Point Breath facilitator and is a graduate of the Optimal Being Program. Angie is passionate about living as her best Self and supporting others in harmonizing with their own innate brilliance and living life fully, as Love. She believes that Health, Joy and Abundance are our Divine birthright and is committed to and passionate about championing a Total Restoration of the Optimal Being.