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The benefits I have received through the Optimal Being Program have been endless as I lead operations in my business. My stress is almost not felt anymore. The tension was lifted from me, and also from my employees. The program really assisted me in identifying core issues and overcoming those challenges. I recommend that every company uses this to benefit their employees, culture, and performance.- Erik Weber, Operations
This program helped me have insights into what I really needed to work on and then I was able to take rapid action on those areas. Some of the things that have happened in the business world for me have been exponentially more exciting... I have to give a lot of credit to this program. It has helped me become more aware of myself and how I look and interact with others. Thank you!!!- Jim McGough, Co-founder and Director of EdgeOne Medical.
I am way, way happier on a day to day basis.- Joe Rice, Entrepreneur

Programs Available For:

All Plans Include

Pre & Post Personal Assessment

Focused Insights & powerful tools for Immediate and Ongoing Results

Assessment Results Actionable Report

Video plus LIVE Support session to review your assessment results and take action right away.

Online Learning

All 9 Modules / 21 Lessons with Foundational Reading Assignments.

Interactive Videos

Key resource for living as an optimal being.

Live Weekly Group Mentoring sessions

Practice using the principles & tools live on real-time issues you & other participants face at work and in life. Led by: Optimal Being Mentor

Physical Playbook

Follow along with each video lesson and enter your responses, notes, aha moments, and more! (shipped upon order)

Program Guide: Live Program Integration

Integrate the lessons every week with your Optimal Being Program Guide.

Interactive e-Playbook

Gives you an online option for the Playbook

Optimal Being App

Two powerful tools supporting just-in-time Optimal Living


BONUS! The Listening Program (TLP) Free for 60 Days

TLP music is acoustically modified to train your brain, strengthening neurological pathways to improve your ability to learn, communicate, and process information. TLP is Personalized for you to improve your brain health.


Decals, Texts, Emails & more support you living as your Optimal Being more consistently (decals shipped w/ order)

After the Program Bonus

3 months additional access to Weekly Group Mentoring sessions

Real-time Community, Practice Sessions, Refinement, and Support as you integrate everything you learned into your role(s) and life.

Also Included Free

For you and those in your life

 LeaderSmall TeamWorkforce
On Your Mind Podcast
Incredible guests discussing optimal and sustained mental health. Hosted by the incredible
Dr. Timothy Hayes.
Resource hub showing the path for
sustained mental health. Many, but not all resources at journeysdream.org are free.

Additional Included Benefits

 LeaderSmall TeamWorkforce
Visionary Fiction Session
If your company could speak: Powerful and useful story about your future from your Optimal State of Being. Led by Visionary Fiction Guide
Team Analysis
Cross-Team analysis of Optimal Being Assessment
gives insights for optimal organizational action.
For Your Team Only (Private Group sessions)
Your 13 live weekly mentoring sessions will be private to members of your workforce. Groups will be created to best meet the needs of your organization and workforce.
Private Leader’s Personal Assessment (PA) Review Session
Experience a private review of your initial PA results and dive deep into any key challenges in support of a successful rollout to the rest of the organization.

Options to Add

 LeaderSmall TeamWorkforce
Individual Mentoring
Discount available when you
add to your shopping cart at check-out
(Reduced from $500 / session to 3 for $1,000)
Train the Trainer
Bring expertise in-house by having graduates in your company become in-house Program Guides to maximize integration and support ongoing cost reductions. This path opens the door for these in-house Program Guides to continue their training to become in-house Optimal Being Facilitators / Mentors