Mar 07

Teach how to fish: Teach, Do, Hire?

As leaders, we must know when to teach people how to fish, when to catch fish for others, and when to hire people to fish. I ran into this as an issue recently and gained a few insights. First, the work our mentors and coaches do with executives is rare.... read more →
Feb 20

Suffering (the end of?)

We have all suffered. Mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual suffering have likely touched your life at some point. After having a back injury this week, I spent quite a bit exploring what was behind my pain. Lifting an old, heavy desk from my office to the buyer's van had... read more →
Feb 07

Embracing your Phoenix Rising (or Falling)

There are laws in the universe that inform us how to operate in flow with our best life. A wonderful story illustrating this is that of the phoenix.  The mythology of the Phoenix rising is a doorway into the transformation we are called to embrace as we let go in... read more →
Jan 23

Money and Flow in Your Business

What if you have the answer for money flow right is in front of your hose? H - o - s - e. Leaders have the unique balancing act of growing a business and managing resources such that funds flow as sales and costs accumulate to support growth or sometimes... read more →
Jan 19

Employee Struggle Including Depression and Suicidal Ideation

“He shot himself in the head” our VP of Delivery explained about one of our young programmers. At the time, in the late-2000s, I was oblivious to mental health issues, but since my eyes have opened wide. Tom, who suffered from Iron Deficiency Anemia, was one of ~1.2 million suicide... read more →
Jan 06

The Moment of Truth Every Entrepreneur and Salesperson will Face

There is a moment of truth every entrepreneur and salesperson will face. Those who learn this lesson early are most likely to succeed with greater joy and peace. It was 2004 and a prospective new client asked me if we could successfully deliver. It would be our organization’s largest project... read more →